Thai Treasure 15.95

Combination of traditional goodies, dumplings, chicken sa-tay, tulip dumplings, fortune bag, mee-krob and roll.

Coconut Shrimp 10.95

Fried fresh jumbo shrimp with fresh coconut flakes served with sesame cocktail sauce.

Golden Ring 9.95

Fresh calamari fried with Thai Beer batter until golden brown and crispy served with sweet tangy sauce and ground peanut.

Fortune Bags 8.95

Crispy golden bags filled with chicken, shrimp and crabmeat. Served with honey plum sauce.

Tulip Dumpling 8.95

Ground shrimp, chicken and crabmeat wrapped in a tulip shape, then delicately steamed and served with soy vinaigrette.

Sa-tay 9.95

Chicken marinated in Thai spices and coconut milk, grilled to perfection, and served on skewers with peanut sauce and cucumber salad.

Thai Dumpling 8.95

Fried dumpling filled with ground pork, water chestnut and black mushroom served with soy and sesame sauce.

Crispy Roll 5.95

Filled with pork, bean thread and julienne vegetables then fried until crispy golden brown, and served with sweet and sour sauce.


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