Chef Special


Lamb Au Siam 27.95

Marinated  rack of lamb grilled to your satisfaction and flavored with honey mustard and rosemary.

Love & Passion 22.95

Roasted  juicy Cornish hen marinated  in traditional seasoning with tender loving care, filled with Thai yellow rice and served with honey orange sauce, flavored with Grand Marnier.

Heart Of Sea 21.95

Steamed salmon with crabmeat in a sea of delicious vermouth cream sauce, napped with the heart of artichokes.

Tutti Fruity Duck 24.95

Roasted semi-boneless duck served with raspberry sauce and flavored with a little touch of spices and Chambord Liqueur.

Andaman Princess 21.95

Shrimp, sea scallop, mushroom, and artichoke heart with a cream of champagne sauce.

Royal Crab Cakes 22.95

Baked Thai style crab cakes served in a sea of exotic saffron and fragrant herb sauce.

Heavenly Fish 21.95

Pan-seared flounder filled with spinach, crabmeat and cheese served with Thai classic tamarind sauce.

Mae-Nam 21.95

Combination crispy pan-fried tilapia and jumbo prawn served with spicy Thai fresh mango salsa.

Sesame Tuna 20.95

Sesame crusted tuna dressed with sake-wasabi glaze, served with teriyaki rice and wilted greens.

Dancing Snapper 21.95

Fresh red snapper fillet, dancing in red curry sauce and bell peppers. Served with jasmine rice then top with crispy Thai basil.


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